Fat Tire Golf Scooter

The Best Single-rider Solutions in Golf


Providing courses with an avenue to attract new golfers and increase revenue, while also helping to increase the speed of play

FTGS Rebel XR 2020

 Rebel XR 2-Wheel  MSRP $3399

  • Dual 20ah Batteries for 36+ holes on a charge.
  • 2000w Motor climbs most hills (consider the 3000w Cruiser 3.0 if your course has steep or excessive hills).
  • Includes bag holder, cooler, a platform for scorecard, tees, and drink.
Fat Tire Rebel Trike Golf Scooter

Rebel XR 3-Wheel MSRP $3999

  • High-Performance Motor with excellent hill climbing.
  • Dual 20ah Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 15 mph course setting for safety
  • Includes bag holder, cooler, platform for scorecard, tees, and drink.
Cruiser 3.0 Golf Scooter

Cruiser 3.0  MSRP $3999

  • Powerful, 3000 watt waterproof motor for superior hill climbing.
  • Lithium-Ion "Quick-swap" battery for longer range (18+ Holes).
  • The handlebar-mounted platform holds a scorecard, pencil, tees, small items, balls, and a drink.
SR4 pic

SR4 Single-rider golf cart  MSRP $ 5999

  • Powerful, 2000 watt waterproof geared motor for superior hill climbing.
  • Lithium-Ion 60ah battery for longer range (36+ Holes).
  • Curtis Controller
  • Chrome rims with Kenda tires
  • Fold-down Windshield
  • Integrated drink and ball holders

Golf Scooters for Resorts

Attract new golfers, add more revenue, increase the speed of play, and reduce the wear and tear on your course! Fat Tire Golf Scooter is perfect for any resort looking to attract new visitors.

resort electric golf scooters

Golf Scooters for Personal Use

Our Fat Tire Golf Scooters are easy to ride, have a 25 mile range on average, and allow a unique way to get to and back from your home course with extra battery still left. Did we mention it charges in less than 8 hours?