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SR4– Single-Rider Cart


NEW 4-Wheel Single-Rider Golf Cart. 

Excellent as a “handicap” cart.  Smaller frame, Lighter weight allows for more areas on the course and closer to the green.  Autobraking like a mobility scooter, but with higher speed (about 13 mph), and all the golf features you need on the course! 

2000w 36v High-Torque Motor

60ah Lithium Ion Battery with Charger

Curtis Controller

Includes: Flip down windshield, Mirrors, Cooler, Sand Bottle.

NOT Street Legal.  Off-Road, Side of Road, Cart Paths, Bike Paths (where permitted by law).  No registration, No insurance needed.

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Ball and Club Washer


Club Clean Club & Golf Ball Cleaner Features: America’s Original and #1 Club and Ball Cleaner Keep your clubs and golf balls clean at every hole Durable bristles clean club face and ball quickly and easily Achieve better ball flight, cleaner club grooves, and better backspin Patented single chamber design for ease of use T-Drain…

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Turf Runner Fleet, 2-Seater Golf Cart


New 2-seater lithium-powered Golf Cart.


NOT Street Legal.

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Turf Runner 4-Seater Golf Cart


New 4-seater lithium-powered Golf Cart.


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